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Sitecraft is a Materials Handling Specialist store that sells a wide range of trolleys to business all across Melbourne. Whether you’re in need of court trolleys, platform trolleys, stainless steel trolleys or clax carts, we are sure to have what you need. Unsure about which product is right for you? Please contact us via our form to the right and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

Platform Trolleys

Sitecraft sells Prestar Platform Trolleys, that are a perfect versatile and reliable option for materials handling.

Prestar Platform Trolleys have up to 500kg load capacity, perfect for when you need to move bulky loads around your business.


Hand Trucks

Hand Trucks are a sturdy and safe tool which can be used to shift objects around the work environment.

Sitecraft’s Hand Truck Trolleys can lift kegs, oxy cylinders, chairs, boxes, sacks, small appliances and much more.


Office File and Mail Carts

For everyday use in your office environment, Sitecraft’s light duty Office, File and Mail Carts are the right match.

Our study construction and design will keep your small packages safe, whilst being transported around the office, to your desk.


Clax Cart Trolley

The Clever Folding Clax Cart is an all purpose, light weight and easy to use trolley cart for the home or work office.

With one button press, the cart folds easily in seconds. Also comes with a folding basket and foot brake.


Folding Trolleys

Folding Trolleys are a handy and innovative materials handling solution for moving light loads in a small space.

Easy to fold mechanisms, with sturdy and rigid construction that can handle a wide variety of applications.


2 Tier Trolleys

Sitecraft’s range of 2 Tier Trolleys have ample room for moving around materials of various sizes and weight.

Easy access to your loads, comes in caged and non-caged configurations, as well as single or dual handles.


Library Trolleys

For trolleys that work well in libraries, Sitecraft has a range that can stock books, projectors and other multimedia equipment.

Comes in 2 to 4 tier varieties, and plastic or steel construction.


Caged Trolleys

For securing loads safely, caged trolleys are the best fit. Our caged trolleys can fit bulk small, medium or even large loads.

Comes in various heights, with fully hinged caged openings or fixed cage options available.


Court Trolleys

Need to move important documents safely, in all types of weather? Sitecraft’s Court Trolleys are the right solution.

Our Court Trolleys are designed with a sturdy frame and caging, with an optional all weather protection bag.


Bin Trolleys

For everyday use around the office or warehouse, our Bin Trolleys will store common materials with easy access.

Comes in 1, 2 tier varieties, lightweight construction and easy configuration.

Electric Trolleys

Electric Trolleys

Electric Powered Trolleys give efficient assisted movement with bulky loads in your work environment.

Sitecraft stock electric caged trolleys, hand trucks, scissor lifts and platform trolleys.


4 Tier Trolleys

4 Tier Trolleys allow movement of a large amount of materials, with easy ergonomic access at every height.

This is suitable for hospitals, kitchens, warehouses and other work environments.

Scissor Lift Trolleys

Scissor Lift Trolleys

Manual and Electric Scissor Lift Trolleys are great at moving heavy loads up and down, reducing risk of injury.

Sitecraft stock a full range that can carry loads of 100kg and move them up to 1500mm in height.

Dollies & Skates

Dollies & Skates

For large loads that need to be moved from Point A to Point B, Sitecraft’s range of dollies and skates will get the job done.

Option of either castors or full sized wheels, with load capacities of up to 800kg. Enquire about Dollies & Skates now.


Stainless Steel Trolleys

For when hygiene and environmental factors matter, Stainless Steel Trolleys by Sitecraft are the reliable choice.

We stock stainless trolleys with 1, 2, 4 or more tiers, as well as preparation slab trolleys to suit any work environment.


Order Picking Trolleys

To increase your workplace efficiency in the warehouse, Order Picking Trolleys will do the job safely.

From 1 to 2 Tier Trolleys, complete with fold out ladder or bin container. Plenty of options available.


Hospitality Trolleys

Sitecraft’s Hospitality Trolleys were designed for the Food and Hospitality industry, where efficiency is paramount.

Easy to clean, safe for food & sturdy, these trolleys work well in a hospitality environment.


3 Tier Trolleys

For versatility in materials handling, 3 Tier Trolleys are a great choice for transporting your goods at work.

Comes in stainless steel or standard varieties, with choice of casters or wheels. Dual handles available.

Sheet Panel Trolleys

Sheet Panel Trolleys

Sheel & Panel Trolleys are suited for moving large, odd shaped sheets and panels that normal trolleys can’t transport safely.

We stock normal Sheet and Panel Trucks, A-Frame Panel Trucks and Table Trolleys.