caged trolleys

A Cage Trolley from Sitecraft will improve safety and efficiency when moving large bulky materials.

Whether it’s whitegoods, laundry, boxes, packages, mail or anything large and heavy in size, then you’ll need a heavy duty goods caged trolley to move them around in your workplace. Sitecraft’s range of Caged Trolleys will help you improve your logistics operations to this end.

  • Keep Goods Safe and Secure
  • Reduce injuries due to materials falling out or toppling over
  • Improve efficiency and speed in transporting materials
  • Allow easier access when unloading or loading from transport vehicles
  • Ergonomic design that reduces the need for lifting goods further, and allows packages to be stacked above waist height

Sitecraft’s full range includes…

  • Dual Handle Caged Trolley with Folding Cage
  • Dual Handle Fixed Cage Trolley
  • Fully Caged Trolley
  • 2 Tier, Folding Cage Trolley
  • Heavy Duty Caged Trolley
  • Linen and Goods Storage Trolley
  • Side Panel Platform Truck
  • Stock Trolley
  • Wet and Dry Laundry Trolley
  • Worktainer

Sitecraft ship to all major cities in Australia like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Contact us today for free material handling advice about your work issues, and how goods/cage trolleys can help.