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How to Organise your Warehouse for Peak Performance

By August 5, 2015 Blog No Comments
How to Organise your Warehouse for Peak Performance

Warehouses are vital for storing inventory and customer distribution. The last thing you want is to spend hours looking for a specific product, particularly when customers and timelines are involved. Even if your products are popular, they will not stay that way if your warehouse is disorganised.

If your warehouse is poorly organised and run, it will lead to wrong order deliveries and slow order deliveries, and before long, your business reputation will suffer.

Here are some ways to get things running more smoothly.

Plan your warehouse rack configuration

Warehouse inventory comes in a variety of shapes and sizes so choose your warehouse racking system accordingly. Identical racks look nice and tidy, but they are not practical or space efficient. Plan your rack configurations and stop wasting large storage spaces on small items.

Place favourites at the front

Plan your warehouse to improve time and motion. If you position a top selling item badly, you could spend hours travelling to and from its location. Put your most regularly picked items as close as possible to the packing area at about waist height. Always calculate your inventory storage based on sales figures rather than the closest empty rack.

Play favourites

Give your top selling items two areas –one for bulk storage and one regularly restocked rack shelf for order picking. Plan your rack shelf spaces so they relate proportionally to each item’s sales record. Avoid delays due to rack stock running out by giving your largest selling items the biggest picking area in your racks.

Use numbers and colours to categorise

A good way to get pickers to the general vicinity of the items they are searching for is to colour code areas according to product types. You can take this idea much further.

If you computerise your picking and storage system with a numbering system, you will be able to locate stock items immediately, without having to search nearby shelves. The time saved by adding numbers could be enormous.

Ladders and lifts

Do you have your most frequently picked items placed on high shelves? Relocate popular stock to waist height shelves. This is not always possible so you may still need ladders for access. Ladders are potentially dangerous so always use specifically designed warehouse ladders that are the right height for your areas.

Would it be safer to access your stock using a scissor lift trolley? We can supply these with custom-built attachments to allow safe handling across a broad range of items.

Park safely

Leaving picking trolleys and forklifts around the warehouse is a hazardous practice that could lead to an accident. It creates an obstacle course for others and hinders smooth operations. Assign designated parking areas for your equipment and enforce use of them.



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