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Is Heavy Equipment Operated Safely in Your Workplace?

By May 6, 2015 Blog No Comments
Is heavy equipment operated safely in your workplace?

Heavy equipment, whether drum handling tools or large forklifts, is both powerful and hazardous. In any workplace that operates either heavy equipment, safety needs to be a top priority.

Neglecting to put proper safety measures in place, including the necessary warning signs and labels, can lead to injury and equipment damage. Considering the ease of creating a safe work environment, it’s something that should never be overlooked.

What presents a danger?

Understanding what can cause damage is the first step for businesses, as it’s easier to subsequently ensure workplace safety.

Below, several of the most common heavy equipment hazards are outlined.

  • Failing to check vehicle brakes before starting a vehicle.
  • Not securing a piece of equipment, such as a drum girdle. If this piece of equipment is left unattended, it can roll into other objects and workers.
  • Not defining proper work areas is another key area for workplace safety, as workers should be kept out of dangerous areas at all times. If a forklift is handling pallets, workers should not be nearby.
  • Vehicles should always be dismounted properly, and never jumped off. On larger vehicles, the instructions for disembarking should always be followed.

What kind of warnings are needed?

After educating workers on the necessity of workplace safety, proper signs and warnings are needed to guarantee the wellbeing of site guests and new workers.

Signs should be put in place to warn workers of dangerous areas, and speed humps near loading areas to slow down heavy vehicles.

It also pays to investigate other safety solutions that aren’t commonly put in place, such as pallet racking leg guards. These cover the feet of pallet racks, and prevent forklifts and trolleys from damaging the structure.

Safety is a massive area to deal with when it comes to business operations, but every possible hazard needs to be dealt with.